New Tutor: Dominic Peckham joins the summer school team!

From now until the summer school begins we will be announcing new tutors as part of our ‘Tutor Tuesdays’ campaign. Featured profiles – which include an interview, information about their chosen speciality and a video with their ‘acatips’ of the month – give you an insight into what to expect in August 2014.

DP tutor photoThe London A Cappella International Summer School is delighted to announce that Dominic Peckham will be a resident tutor at the summer school. Dominic Peckham is regarded as one of the UK’s finest young, dynamic orchestral and choral conductors. Peckham holds an impressive array of posts including Artistic Director of the Royal Opera House’s ‘RM19’ Youth Chorus, Assistant Musical Director of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, Artistic Director and Founder of iSingUK and has recently been appointed Musical Director of the London Oriana Choir. An ambassador for choral music of international renown through both performance and his extensive pioneering educational work, Peckham has served as Vocal Director for the BBC Choir of the Year, as a consultant of Trinity Guildhall’s teaching programme and as a guest speaker for ‘Sing Up’. See Dominic’s ‘acatips’ of the month here:

Read our interview with Dominic below to find out more about him and his specialities:

LACISS: Tell us about your focus at the London A Cappella International Summer School?

DP: My focus at LACISS is the overall vocal development of each and every participant. No matter what their background, there are so many similarities when it comes to vocal performance and the challenges faced. I will be focusing on harnessing the very best possible from each person as well as concentrating on performance skills and ensemble awareness.

Do you have a distinctive teaching style or philosophy?

I think my style of teaching and delivery is very much influenced by the fact that I myself am a trained singer with many years in the profession. I pride myself on being a conductor and director that really understands the demands and sensations of vocal work of all kinds. There are always breakthroughs to be made and always other ways to develop as a singer and that’s how I approach my teaching…. “the day you stop learning is the day you should stop singing!”

Why should people sign up to LACISS?

Absolutely anyone!! This is the most inclusive and most welcoming vocal summer school I have ever known and the benefits and opportunities will be so relevant to any kind of singer, at any level. Don’t be one of those people that regrets not taking an opportunity like this! It’s too good to miss!

Which individual/ group (doesn’t have to be a cappella) would you most like to collaborate with?

This is a hard one – I think, (admitting that my dream of singing with Stevie might not happen) for me I would love to collaborate with the unique musical mind that is Bobby McFerrin… He’s just incredible, a wholesome musician and committed to versatility.

Tell us about your favourite and/or most awkward moment on stage?

My favourite time on stage would have to be my debut conducting at the Royal Albert Hall… I know it looks big, but when you’re standing on the podium, it feels like you’re looking into a black hole!

My most awkward time on stage would definitely be performing on the tropical island of Rarotonga in a concert hall built for 600 … there were only about 40 inhabitants on the island and only 8 watching my concert!